Paul Addison is a Tomas. He appeared in Mission 1: The Lost Clue. His main card is Card 49: Paul Addison.

Paul VS. Nessie

Paul Addison was stationed at Loch Ness, because they knew that an Ekaterina Clue was there, they just did not know where. Paul was the first to uncover the secret of the Loch Ness Monster. The monster is actually a robot and he found that out. Charlie the worker at the time is an Ekaterina looking out for and driving, the Loch Ness Monster/Submarine. It was there to scare off people so they wouldn't find the Clue, in the lake. When Paul found this out, he told Ivan Kleister, leader of the Tomas, about it and he was the current Superman of the Tomas.

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