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Paris, France
Eiffel Tower
Clue: Iron Solute, Blood
Branch: Lucian
Stages: 18
Location: France
Preceded By:

Paris is the capital of and largest city in France, and a known Lucian stronghold. Under the city in the Catacombs, Benjamin Franklin hid a Clue. Amy and Dan Cahill came centuries later into The Maze of Bones looking for their first Clue, Iron Solute. Also, in the Eiffel Tower, there is the Clue Blood.

Paris is one of two cities where multiple Clues are hidden. The other is Cairo, Egypt.


Benjamin Franklin[]

Benjamin Franklin was the American ambassador for France . The year before he left for America , 1785, he hid the Lucian serum and a secret message from Mozart.

Tomas strongholds[]

Tomas leaders chose Paris was chosen as the host city for the 1900 and 1924 Summer Olympics, possibly due to hints towards the secrets Franklin had hidden or other Cahill secrets. It is unknown if the Tomas are still active in the city.

Amy and Dan Cahill[]

In Paris, Amy and Dan see Jonah Wizard, who takes them on a limo ride. Amy sees Irina Spasky with Poor Richard's Almanack. They follow her to the Lucian stronghold, where Irina tricks them into going to 23 Rue des Jardins. The Holts meet them and take them out of the pit. Dan knocks them out with a concussive grenade. They run back to their hotel, where Amy tells them they have to go to the Paris Catacombs. At the public entrance, they meet Alistair, who offers them an alliance. They decline, when Ian and Natalie come. They run into the Catacombs. They find a magic box puzzle. Ian and Natalie come. Alistair attacks them while Amy and Dan run away. They hear a train track from above. They go up, but Dan's backpack gets stuck. Crying, he lets go of it. At the library, Amy figures out the puzzle. They go to the church, where they dig into the Catacombs. They find a mural of the four Cahills. Jonah comes, and they force him into a corner while they escape. They find a vase with a vial. Later on in the series, they find out that that vial was the Lucian serum. It had scrambled letters with Dan anagrams into an instruction to charge the contents. Amy does so, but when she comes back, Dan is tied up by Ian Kabra. They trade vials, and Dan is freed. They find out the vase has musical notes on it. At the end, they find out the next Clue is in Vienna with Mozart.

The Medusa Plot[]

In the prologue of the Medusa Plot, Nellie Gomez is kidnapped by the Vespers in Paris.