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The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a palace and museum just outside of Paris, France. It was formerly the royal residence of the French monarchy, home to figures such as King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, before the French Revolution. The Palace is now a major tourist attraction, known especially for its Hall of Mirrors. The palace is also a stronghold for the Lucian branch of the Cahill family (as listed in The Black Book of Buried Secrets).

During the Clue Hunt, Team Six visited the Palace of Versailles (based on a false lead from Team Seven) while searching for the Clue, Myrrh, hidden by Katherine Cahill in the Sakhet statues. While Versailles was a dead end for that particular Clue, it is possible that the team picked up the trail of another Clue, Zinc, as team member Jonah Wizard appeared at Versailles during Mission 3: The Lost Diamond, discussing the Tavernier Blue.

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