Nikolai Spasky (1982-1991) never appears in the 39 Clues book series, having passed away much before the events of the first book, but is often referenced in the thoughts of his mother, Irina Spasky, especially in Book 6. His father was Nikilovana Spasky, the best friend of a former Lucian leader named Ruslan Radova. He was killed, though, by Isabel and Vikram, for he was supposed to be the leader of the Lucian branch. Further information about Nikolai Spasky's life is unknown. In Irina's will, she leaves everything to Nikolai, but after his death, she changes the will to leave everything to the St. Petersburg Children's Theatre that brought him such joy.


Nikolai's mother, Irina, is originally thought as "a very cold hearted and ruthless character." However, memories of her son and guilt over his death haunted her in several books, leading her to be less ruthless in her pursuit of the 39 Clues. At the end of In Too Deep, she even sacrifices her life for Amy and Dan Cahill, because they were children, and therefore reminded her of her own son. It is sometimes said in the books that she thought Dan reminded her of Nikolai.



  • It can be inferred that his middle name, or patronymic, is Nikolovich, based on his father's name, Nikolai, and Russian naming conventions.
  • He is mentioned in a note to Alek Spasky from Irina which says to put flowers on his grave on his birthday. The note appears in the back of the hardcover edition of Mission Hindenburg.
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