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New York City

New York City is a major metropolis and the largest city in the United States, located in the state of New York. A financial and cultural hub, New York City has long been a hotspot for Cahill activity. A Clue, Rosemary, is hidden in the subway, and hints to another, Blood, can be found in the Statue of Liberty. At least three branches of the Cahill family have strongholds in the city: the Lucians on Wall Street, the Madrigals at the United Nations, and the Ekaterinas at an unknown stronghold. In addition, a former Vesper stronghold, the Callender Institute, is located in the city.

Early History[]

United States President and Lucian Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City, and Janus escape artist Harry Houdini spent much of his career in the city. Tomas baseball player Babe Ruth played for the New York Yankees for much of his career. Ekaterina Nikola Tesla built a laboratory in New York City during his competition with rival Ekat Thomas Edison to find the Clue Mercury. In 1948, Gordon Oh, the Ekaterina branch leader, was gunned down by assassins hired by his brother, Bae. Janus artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat lived and created art in the city during the second half of the twentieth century.

The 39 Clues[]

More recently, Team Two, the Holt family, visited New York during the Clue Hunt, successfully finding the Clue Rosemary in the subway. Lucian agent Irina Spasky, aka Team Five, also knew of this Clue, indicating she had also visited the city previously. After the conclusion of the Clue Hunt, Jonah Wizard, a pop star and agent for the Janus and Madrigal branches, kicked off a world tour in New York. Guardian Astrid Rosenbloom frequently visited New York City seeking a cure inflicted on her by poison from her assistant, Vesper One Dave Speminer.

During the events of Cahills vs. Vespers, Vesper Two Isabel Kabra spoke on behalf of her charity, AidWorksWonders, at the Madrigal stronghold at the United Nations, where her son Ian temporarily rejoined her. The Vespers later hacked the city's power grid to send a message. Madrigal Dan Cahill recreated Gideon Cahill's master serum for the first time at Columbia University, with the help of Ekat Sammy Mourad.

Fiske Cahill was held captive and experimented on at the Callender Institute on behalf of J. Rutherford Pierce. Pierce later held a rally at Central Park shortly before his defeat at the All-American Clambake.

Notable Locations[]