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Mother- Anastasia Romanov, the Grand Duchess of Russia. She seemed to have brought her daughter up to be a Madrigal.

Father- Ruslan Radov, the former Lucian branch leader. He is known to be as ruthless as Isabel Kabra, and his best friend was Nikilovana Spasky.

Luke Cahill - Ancestor

Gideon Cahill - Ancestor

Olivia Cahill - Ancestor

Appearance and Personality[]

She has hemophilia which is caused by her being part of the Royal family since her mother was the princess of Russia. Hemophilia is a disease (which is hereditary in her case) that prevents her blood from clotting, so even minor cuts, bruises, and bloody noses that are daily occurrences for some agents, could be fatal. Her uncle, her mother's brother (Alexei Romanov), had hemophilia, which is where she inherited it from. Due to this, she was never a field agent for the Lucians. Instead, she fulfilled her Lucian duties from the Lucian stronghold in Russia, directing missions, etc. She seems to care greatly for Dan and Amy. She was also a traitor to the Lucians and, in loyalty, was technically a Madrigal. She spied on the Lucians for the Madrigals, making her an unexpected, well-meaning traitor.


The Black Circle[]

She helps Amy and Dan by sending them secret messages with hints for their next Clue. She sends Amy and Dan inside the black circle at the Church on the Blood in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The Black Book of Buried Secrets[]

She appears in the Madrigal section, and is listed as "Nataliya Ruslanovna Radova (Lucian double agent)" Her actions in The Black Circle are noted.


She is very intelligent, wise, and can fly a helicopter perfectly via remote. She also has a talent with languages.


She has no presence online, as she is a secret even to non-Lucians, and non-Madrigals, let alone to the world at large.


Card 428 (she is not seen but mentioned).

The Black Circle