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Myrrh is an Ekaterina Clue. To unlock it, you need to add the 6 cards from Beyond The Grave.


Beware of Spoilers!

In the book Beyond the Grave, Amy and Dan Cahill found Myrrh in Egypt. Grace Cahill destroyed the Clue at the Temple of Isis. But Amy and Dan found the Clue in "Treasures of Egypt". Grace put it in a password-protected box which Amy and Dan solved. The box had the picture of Myrrh in it.

End of Spoilers

Card Combo[]

Card74 Card75 Card76 Card77 Card78 Card79


The 39 Clues Clue 20

About Myrrh[]

Myrrh is a type of plant that has medicinal properties. Myrrh was used in Ancient Egyptian funerals. It was also used in Jesus Christ's time to anoint the body of the deceased for burial.

Myrrh Plant

Myrrh Plant


The Myrrh Symbol


A sketch from a tomb showing myrrh


An Actual Desert Myrrh Tree


Start with the ceiling with stars, then zoom on the wall. An illustration appears, with four men bringing a myrrh tree. On the basket, the Ekat crest will appear. The word 'MYRRH' will appear.