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The A-Star and Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the world's tallest mountain and at the summit is the location of the Janus clue silk and the Janus Serum that was destroyed when it fell from the A-Star in The Emperor's Code. It is in Nepal. When Amy and Dan travel here they meet lots of the Cahill family there, such as Ian and Natalie Kabra (who had flown up) and the Holts (who had climbed).


Sunset at Mt. Everest.jpg

In The Emperor's Code Amy, Dan, Nellie, the Kabras, and Holts get to the top in order to get the Janus serum. They have to dig im the snow for awhile and Dan says: ”Soon Mt Everest won’t be the biggest mountain any more.


On Reagan Holt's Cliqueme Profile, her dream was to climb Mount Everest one day, so she fulfilled her dream on her trip here.

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