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This page is for the SS Mont-Blanc, the ship. For the mountain, see Mont Blanc.

The SS Mont-Blanc

The SS Mont-Blanc was a freighter, built in England and owned by French merchants. The ship was named for Mont Blanc, France's tallest mountain.

On December 6, 1917, the ship entered the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, carrying a cargo of explosives onboard. The ship collided with another, the SS Imo from Norway, causing a fire onboard the Mont-Blanc that ignited the explosives. This caused a massive explosion, killing about 2000 people and blinding many others.

A team of Cahills visited Halifax during the events of Mission Titanic, believing that Cahill Outcast Nathaniel Hartford intended to recreate the explosion of the Mont-Blanc using another ship, the Aurora. While the Aurora was carrying illegal weapons trafficked by James Atlas, the explosion of the Mont-Blanc was not the Outcast's intended disaster recreation, who instead targeted the Titanic II.

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