Mission Titanic is the first book in Doublecross. It was written by Jude Watson and published on February 24, 2015.

Official Synopsis


At only seventeen years old, Ian Kabra is head of the Cahills, the most powerful family in the world. He has presidents on speed dial, generals at his beck and call. Ian knows he’s an ideal leader and the only man enough for the job.

There’s just one small problem: He’s already messed up big-time. A Cahill from the past calling himself the Outcast has risen to challenge Ian with an impossible test. Ian was thrown out of his post and the Outcast took over the mansion. The Outcast has re-created four of history’s greatest disasters and dared Ian to stop him. If Ian and his allies can’t decipher the Outcast’s hints in time, innocent people will die. Ian’s only chance to beat the Outcast is to track down his former allies, Amy and Dan.

But finding Amy and Dan will demand from Ian an impossible sacrifice...


The book begins with Ian in his room making Mr. Funicello correct the length of his pants and wondering how great he was to have surpassed his role model, Napoleon, and also thinking about how homesick he was to be back in London. He also thinks of Cara, and what a perfect couple they can make. But soon, Cara rushes into his room telling him that the Cahill meeting was supposed to take place in five minutes according to her tablet although it was a week ahead and complains of problems with the Cahill satellite. Then Ian gets pricked by Mr. Funicello. Cara realizing that he'd dipped the needle in a sedative kicks him and knocks him out, but they find out that it was not a poison.

Later, they come to know that the Cahills are arriving, and they get led to Grace's library where Ian begins his speech, but the Outcast intervenes and sets a challenge for the Cahill leadership to prove themselves worthy. After the outcast disappears from the screen, the people who are in league with the outcast throw Ian and Cara out of the house.

In the next few chapters we see Nellie Gomez in a cookery contest, which she eventually wins, but cannot savour her victory as she receives the Cahill emergency alert, and is looked for everywhere by the organisers. Jonah Wizard and Hamilton Holt who were on a tour with Hamilton as Jonah's bodyguard in Paris to promote Jonah's latest movie, also receive the alert and leave quickly.

We then come upon Amy Cahill skydiving in France.while skydiving, she becomes aware of a helicopter coming too close to them, but Dan can't hear her. A person jumps from the helicopter and follows her. She quickly lands. Followed by her pursuer, and runs toward him, knowing that thugs won't expect a teenage girl to be a lethal warrior and pounces on him, but later realize that it's Hamilton and lets him go.The helicopter lands and out come their friends, and Dan and Amy are overjoyed, but still have a feeling of dread because they're sure that it's because of Cahill family business.

They come to know of the challenge and agree to help their friends because they know that it's the right thing to do. They decode it decide that it's based on the Titanic, but later realize that it's based on the Mont Blanc, a ship which blew up when it came into the harbor of Halifax, and quickly fly there.

Meanwhile, Nellie and Sammy meet Fiske, who tells them that he was an Outcast, and that Grace made him one to protect him from the Cahill family, but the actual Outcasts faced a very terrible fate. He suggests that to know more about outcasts, they should contact Aunt Beatrice.

But Beatrice was not much of a help. She says that Grace was very cruel, and names some prominent Outcasts, which also included one of her previous husbands. Then she tells them about Patracia Oh who'd asked Beatrice to join the Outcast to help get the Cahill family regain its glory as the children had spoilt the Cahills, but Beatrice, being the stubborn person had abstained although she spared that the family was better off with adults.

But when Beatrice finally signs off after warning them that Grace was an evil person, Nellie is bewildered. She asks Fiske how far Grace would go if she felt the family was threatened, to which Fiske answers reluctantly in ah lol ow voice that he didn't know.

We can also see Ian trying desperately to win Cara's heart, and in one instance, Jake starts messaging Amy, telling that he'll be off the grid for sometime, and that he would like it if they could spend some time together later on. He also adds that he misses her. Amy replies that she misses him too, and that she liked his idea. Later, we see Cara hack into the shipping records to see which ship carries potentially explosive things, but finds none, so the team consisting Ham, Jonah, Dan, Ian, Cara and Amy splits up. The boys try to find out information while the girls discuss what the outcast could possibly be aiming for although he already had control and there was no need to test them.

They also wonder that Aurora, a ship, could possibly be carrying potential explosive things because it was one of the ships captained by Atlas's employee. They discuss in a cafe that they could set up more options for themselves by contacting Atlas and asking for information.

Back in the hotel room, When Ian comes to know of this , he's upset that Amy took the decision although he was the head of the family, although Dan agrees with Amy. But he comes to know that it's only an option. At the end, Atlas agrees to meet them.

Ian and Amy are chosen to meet Atlas. While meeting Atlas, Ian threatens Atlas when Atlas refuses to tell them about the Aurora, but Atlas finally agrees to take them out to the ocean along with Hamilton and Dan who were pretending to be tourists.

But when they finally get into to the boat, Atlas takes away their phones to make sure they don't contact the police, and doesn't switch on the lights of the boat although it's dark. When he stops the boat, everyone is scared, and their fear is confirmed when he turns around with a gun in his hand.

Meanwhile, Nellie and Sammy arrive in Singapore, and are taken to Sammy's god parents' house which is huge and beautiful by their chauffeurs. They meet James, Tiffany and Mabel Rose Chen.(who's their 11-year-old daughter). While discussing the Outcast, Mabel tries to say that she knows someone who may know the outcast, but is cut off by her parents, who've made a rule that no Chen child under 21 can get involved in Cahill family matters. (They have four children, three sons and one daughter.)

When Sammy and Nellie were shown to their rooms, Nellie met Mabel who told her about a person who'd been invited to dinner in their house by Patracia Oh, named Bee Arnold. So Sammy and Nellie get directions and arrive at Bee Arnold's house, only to discover that Bee Arnold is Sinead Starling.

Sinead Starling says that she didn't like Patracia who'd been promising her a good spot in the Ekaterina leadership, so she had cut off contacts with her. But she adds that she has a creepy feeling that she is being followed. Then, she tells about how she ran into Patracia saying that the jet had taken off from Chicago.

Nellie and Sammy leave, but when they couldn't catch a bus and start waking to the Chen's house, they have an encounter with Alek Spasky, who asks them to go back to the U.S.

Meanwhile, Ian steps in front of the rest to protect them from Atlas and tries to stall Atlas from shooting by talking. while keeping him talking, Ian pieces together a plan. As soon as the swell from a ship hits the boat and Atlas staggers, he orders the group to swing into action. Amy kicks the gun out of Atlas's hand and Hamilton throws the anchor at the criminal's head and they race down into a dinghy and begin rowing out back to shore. But moments later they here the blast of a ship's horn and Hamilton frantically begins to row, making it to safety by pure luck. The water crashes down into the boat and Ian sets about ordering Amy and Dan to bail using his boots. They make contact with Cara using a phone Dan managed to get nab and are guided to safety. On the beach, the group clambers back into a car with Cara cranking up the heating unit and they decide stop the disaster by alerting the authorities with Jonah's help.


  • The first book of a new series that doesn't have a prologue in the entire series.
  • Like the second series, Cahills vs. Vespers, the color of the first book is not the same as the color of the series logo.
  • This is the second 39 Clues book to feature a ship on the cover, the first being Storm Warning.
  • First book to have digitized cards in the hardcover version of the books.​​​​​​


  • Book Cover Puzzle - (Hidden Words) - Disaster is in the air. This pertains to the next disaster that the Outcast will be replicating, Hindenburg. (Hidden Words) - Elec. Crane ; Boiler uptake casing. (Hidden Numbers) - 10 ; 53 ; 9 ; No. 13334.
  • Ship Page Puzzle - ​(Morse Code) -​​ Moscow​​​
  • 39+ Pages Puzzle -​ (Morse Code) -​​ Beatrice is key​​​
  • End Page Puzzle - ​(Morse Code) -​​ Ekats rule, the others drool


The following cards will only be available as digital cards:

Card 335 - Al Capone

Card 342 - Outcast Warning

Card 337 - Acquired Taste

Card 338 - Pranav Kabra

Card 339 - Ian Kabra

Card 340 - Titanic - the back of the card is a part of The Outcast Master Plan Puzzle

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