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Mission 9: The Cliffhanger Clue
Clue: Mint
Branch: Lucian
Characters: Madison Holt

Reagan Holt

Preceded By: Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage
Followed By: Mission 10: End Game


Mission 9: The Cliffhangers Clue, is the ninth mission and circles around a clue stolen during World War 2 by Josephine Baker, a renowned Janus singer.


During the World War II, A Lucian clue was stolen from France. The Cahills suspected it was Josephine Baker, a great entertainer and a Janus agent.


Watch a movie. You're in the elevator, and heading down. When you reach the bottom, you see a wall with a word Lisbon. Input it on your PDA. You will get infos about Josephine Baker. Head to Portugal.

Portugal, Lisbon Theatre[]

You arrived at the place. Talk to Jonah Wizard, then check the attic. Play HOG. After that, you suspected that every objects you found has a number and letter. Assemble it to make a phrase: 'Boat Sank in Harbor'.

Lisbon Harbor[]

Head here to rent a boat and a metal detector. Use the arrow keys to move the boat and follow the radar. Once you done it, a short video directs you to the boat: 'The East Gate, Marrackeck, Morocco.


You head to where the inscription said. On the wall, click the letters in order to spell Josephine. The brick will open and read the letter, The clue is hidden at the coast of Morroco 32 parrarel.

Madison Holt[]

She discovered you did that. Talk to her and you know that Reagan ran away.

Reagan Holt[]

You meet with her at the train station. Talk to her, then you will ask her to help you find the Clue. Grappling down the cliff is very hard.

Coast of Morocco[]

A minigame. Use the arrow keys to control Reagan. Don't hit the rocks and the knives. Swing and press the levels. The are 4 stages. In the first 3, just go all the way down and start swinging. But in the 4th one, you have to swing across some knives first.


You got the Clue! The Clue is Mint.





This mission has a refference on Taylor Lautner.