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Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage
Clue: Silver
Branch: Ekaterina
Stages: 13
Location: Egypt
Preceded By: Mission 7: The Frozen Secret
Followed By: Mission 9: The Cliffhanger Clue

Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage is the eighth mission.



This is the opening screen for Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage. It reads:

In 1801, British Ekaterinas seized a priceless artifact Napoleon discovered in Egypt--The Rosetta Stone. Some say the Lucian Napoleon invaded Egypt just to find the stone. But why was it so important? This evidence will help you on your hunt.

Click begin to go to the next stage.



Here you watch a quick video in which a Cahill agent travels through a staircase. He spots a disk hanging from the ceiling with the Cahill Crest on it, and quickly plays it.

It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte discovered the Rosetta Stone, but it was seized by the British Ekats and taken it to the British Museum. T.E. Lawrence write a book about it.


In Cairo, Ian Kabra asks for an alliance. Unscramble the code to get Island Bridge.


Sennari House[]

Ian said the book is in this place, where Napoleon's worker lived here. At the hall, you see the book. But...


You fall into a trap. You tried to climb but you can't. You tried to contact for help, but the signal is out. Then, someone saved you.

Ian Kabra[]

It's Ian. He led you here just because of his mother. The real book is in the Ekat Stronghold. The best way of entry is through the roof.

Ekat Stronghold[]

Just pull the line, angle it to the target, and you attach the grappling hook. The coordinates are 13,15.


Laser protection, as always... There are robot parts on your right.

How to Solve the Robot Dog[]

Assemble all the robot parts to make a robot dog made by Yasmeen Badawi .

Disarmed the Lasers[]

To disarm, guide the robot to the pawpad. Use your arrow keys to move. Be careful not to touch the lasers.

Tip: move to approximately the same level (horizontally) as the pad first, then continue forwards.

Lawrence Book[]

You disarm the lasers and approach the book. The word you need to find is the thirty-first word in the text: silver, the clue.


The Clue is revealed: Silver.