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Mission 6: The Mad Scientist's Clue
Clue: Mercury
Branch: Ekaterina
Stages: 13
Location: United States
Characters: Jonah Wizard

Leslie D. Mill

Preceded By: Mission 5: The General's Clue
Followed By: Mission 7: The Frozen Secret

Mission 6: The Mad Scientist's Clue is the sixth Mission.


This mission follows Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and their famous rivalry. The mission ends in a laboratory in Croatia. The Clue revealed at the end is Mercury, an Ekat Clue.

Card Combo[]

The Card Pack 2 combo contains Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, The Sabotaged Lab, and Leslie D. Mill.


This mission has 13 stages.


Watch a movie. In front of you, there's a delicious cake. You put your laptop on the table, and you open up the cake for a flash disk covered with plastic. Once you got it, you plug it into your laptop and open the info

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are Ekaterina scientist. They both had a rivalry known as 'War of Currents'. The Janus want to make a movie about Nikola, so head to Hollywood to investigate.


A place of movies and superstars.

Leslie D.Mill[]

Meet with the movie director and a Janus agent. Talk to him for more information.

Edison Historical Site[]

You go here for more research. Talk to the tour guide for information.

Light bulb keeps a message[]

Behind the tour guide are scraps of metal. Assemble it to light up the light bulb. You will see a message from Nikola Tesla

Jonah Wizard[]

You tracked Jonah Wizard at the airport. Talk to him. You suspect that he seems to be rushing out.

Airport Security[]

Look at the departure board. You see gate columns and Destination column. They mean something. The destination you headed, is the answer to the puzzle. The gate number shows a specific letter in a word beside it. Solution: Croatia.

Croatia and the Holts[]

In here, stand near Nikola's former parents' house. You bump into the Holts. Talk to Reagan for info. You suspected there's a secret laboratory in the house.

Nikola's House[]

At the bookshelf, just click on the book with the Ekaterina crest, and the lab appeared.

The Secret Lab[]

This is where Nikola works. Behind, there's a panel of wires and lights.


Connect the wires and the light bulbs. Dead ends included. 


After that, you find the Clue. The Clue is Mercury. ITS REALLY HARD SO TRY YOUR BEST.