Mission 5: The General's Clue
Characters:Jonah Wizard, Mateo Sanchez
Preceded By:Mission 4: The Lucian Fort
Followed By:Mission 6: The Mad Scientist's Clue


Mission 5 takes place in Venezuela. You are searching for a Clue hidden by Simon Bolivar. During the Mission you speak with Mateo Sanchez and Jonah Wizard. The Clue, hidden with Bolivar's body, is in The National Palace of Venezuela (Not to be confused with 'The National Palace from the Card Pack 3 combo.)


Watch a video. You walk out of a building, and you meet a man with an umbrella. He'll give you a laptop which contains information about your mission. Alistair Oh was found in Madrid at the Royal Palace. Head there now!

Madrid, Spain

This is the Royal Palace, a palace fit for the Spanish royal kings.

Alistair Oh

Meet with Alistair, the inventor of microwavable burritos and an Ekat agent. Talk to him for information. You learned that most of Simon Bolivar history take place in South America.

A Letter

Alistair is in desperate, so he dropped scraps of papers. Assembled it to form a letter. It's a letter from Napoleon to Ferdinand, to make sure Simon Bolivar not win.


At the Plaza de Bolivar, you found a monument of Simon Bolivar. There, there's a poem who lead you to the clue

Jonah Wizard

You meet again with him. Talk to him. You learned that Simon remains is in Santa Marta

Santa Marta

You arrived at the church

Mateo Sanchez

Meet with a football player and a Tomas agent. Talk to him. You discovered that Simon Bolivar body was moved to National Pantheon at Caracas, Venezuela.

National Pantheon, Caracas

To get to the tower, you have to climb it with a grappling hook. Set the force which is 31 and the angle which is 38 and aim for the target.