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Mission 4: The Lucian Fort
Clue: Clover
Branch: Lucian
Characters: Ian Kabra, Natalie Kabra, Chrissy Collins
Preceded By: Mission 3: The Lost Diamond
Followed By: Mission 5: The General's Clue


Fort Knox

In this mission, find the Lucians' fort and break into Fort Knox. You rub a pencil on a piece of paper to find out where the Kabras are going (Budapest).


There's a Clue hidden securely by the Lucians. Find out what it is.


Watch a video. You're on the bridge, and you look everywhere, make sure no one is watching you. You found a dossier file on the bench. The infos, Ian and Natalie Kabra was spotted in Kyrgyzstan. (This will make sense if you have read Book 3, "The Sword Thief, where Dan directed the Kabras there in order to keep them from following the real lead--to Egypt.) Head there immediately.

Kyrgyzstan, The Amur Viper Hotel[]

After the event in Book 3: The Sword Thief (when Amy and Dan send Ian and Natalie to a wild goose chase), you go to the hotel where they stay in there. Talk to the hotel manager. You find out that they are rude, and they leave the hotel just because a single urgent call. You search their room.

Ian and Natalie's Room[]

You find a note, which there's a page torn. Use the pencil to rub the next to reveal writting impressions. You discovered that they went to Budapest.


You bump into Ian and Natalie Kabra, the sneaky Lucians. Talk to Ian. You suspect he seems to hold you to look at the Crown of St. Stephens. Look closely on the crown after the talk.

Crown of St.Stephens[]

Use the magnifying glass to look for words. You discovered that the crown was once taken to Fort Knox. That's in Kentucky, United States. Head there now!

Breaking News[]

On the plane, you watched a breaking news on the airline television. It's about a girl suspect who wears a cheerleading outfit, who is breaking the Fort Knox on the lasers. You suspect it's Chrissy Collins.

Kentucky, USA[]

Meet with Chrissy Collins. Talk to her. About her breaking, it was a misunderstanding.

Fort Knox[]

You now have to break in. On a fault, you have to align the lasers in order to open it.

Laser Protection[]

Drag parts of the lasers to connect the board. then you can open it.


The safe is finally open. CONGRATULATIONS! You got a Clue! The Clue is Clover.

21 leaf clover