Mission 3: The Lost Diamond
Preceded By:Mission 2: The Emperor's Secret
Followed By:Mission 4: The Lucian Fort


In this mission, you're going to discover a clue that Ekats have stolen from the Tomas a few years ago. A game here is the Memorize game that's available in Arena 39. The Clue is Zinc.


John Baptize Tavernier bought somthing in India, the Koh-i-Noor and the Tavernier Blue. But somehow the diamond is lost. Many Cahills believed that there's a Clue in there. Your objective is to find it.

London, the London Tower

First, you examined the Koh-i-noor, which is placed in the Tower of London, where it is said the jewel was used in the British Crown Jewel.

Maria Marapao

Meet the great martial arts lady and a Janus agent. Talk to her for information.

Versailles Palace, France

You learned that the Tavernier Blue was sold to King Louis XIV, then the diamond he placed on his pendant, the Order of the Golden Fleece. Head to this place, and search for information.

Jonah Wizard

Meet with the coolest hip-hop artist and a Janus agent. Talk to him. You learned that the Tavernier Blue was stolen, cut into pieces, and one of the piece is called the Hope Diamond in Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

Washington D.C, Smithsonian Museum

You examined the Hope Diamond. No Clue is found.

A Threat

When you are outside, there's a note on the bench. It reads:

Abandon your search

If the Ekats can't stop you,

We Will.


That means you are close to find the Clue. Hack the Ekats' intelligence, and you find out, that the Tavernier Blue piece that contains the Clue is kept safely in St. Petersburg, Russia.


You are close to the Clue.

Lilya Chernova

Meet with the daughter of the wealthiest Ekat agents. Talk to her. You find out that the diamond is hidden securely in her apartment.

Chernova's Apartment

In here, you found a safe. You need to open it to get the diamond.

Memory Game

It's a simple game. Just match two pictures, and clear all the squares.


You finally got it! The Clue is Zinc. View the Clue if you want.