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Mission 2: The Emperor's Secret
Clue: Cobra Venom
Branch: Janus
Characters: Player, Ophir Dupham, Lan Nguyen and the Holts
Preceded By: Mission 1: The Lost Clue
Followed By: Mission 3: The Lost Diamond


This mission unlocks the Clue King Cobra Venom. It includes having to play the Janus game 'Snake Charmer' that is also available inArena 39. You get to meet Lan Nguyen in this mission. The Clue in the end is cobra venom.


Cahills around the world thought that there's a Clue in India. Go to Agra, India to investingate. The 4 cards on the briefing will help you.


It's a city in India, where there's stand one of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal. It was built by Shah Jahan to honor his dead wife.

Ophir Dupham[]

Meet with the cast of 'The Four Quarters of My Heart' movie and a Janus agent. He's been asked to investigate the Clue in here. Talk to him and you find out that Shah Jahan actually built the Taj Mahal as a hiding place for the Clue.

Taj Mahal[]

Too bad, the Clue is not in here. But you discover a poem by Ustad Ahmad Lauri, the architect. The Clue is somewhere in the fort.

Madison Holt[]

You bump into the Holts, Tomas agents. After you talk to Madison,  and she will tell you of a fort. Go to that fort.

PS: If you follow the conversations, you discover that this mission is happening when Amy and Dan are in Austria in Book 2: One False Note.

Agra Fort[]

Once you know the Clue might be hidden in the fort, you decide to check the Agra Fort.

Lan Nguyen[]

Meet with a newbie Janus agent, Lan Nguyen. Talk to her to receive information.

The Red Fort[]

Train from Agra. You reach this fort and found a poem by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri to find out the Clue.


In the poem, you realized that the Clue is hidden in this place, and you are right. On one of the pillars, there is a Janus crest, where you can obtain the Clue. But there's a deadly cobra that stands in your way.

Snake Charmer[]

Win this game by pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 when you need to press them.


You pass the charmed snake and retrieve the Clue. The Clue is King Cobra's Venom. View the Clue if you want to. You will need to have 100% or you will not pass, every time you miss a note your score will go down. You will need to end the game with 100%.

Here is a walkthrough.

Cobra Venom

King Cobra Venom


The 39 Clues -- Mission 2 Walkthrough