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Mission 1: The Lost Clue
The 39 Clues Titanic The Lost Clue
Clue: Phosphorus
Branch: Ekaterina
Stages: 5
Location: Scotland
Characters: Player, George McClain,
Preceded By: Mission 0: Agent Training
Followed By: Mission 2: The Emperor's Secret

Mission 1: The Lost Clue is the second mission. The Clue that you discover is Phosphorus. It was released with new features in May 2013.

In this mission, you are tracking "Nella Chain", really Anne Cahill who was a Cahill survivor of the Titanic.

The Clue can also be unlocked by combining The Lost Clue Card Combo.


The 39 Clues Titanic The Lost Clue


You will hear the briefing from William McIntyre through the phone. You can see all the evidences regarding the mission you will doing

Halifax, Nova Scotia[]

The Museum of Titanic Artifacts is your first place to start. Talk to the receptionist, then proceed to the exhibits. Then, check every exhibits inside, for facts around Titanic, and what you are looking for

Experiment, Georgia, USA[]

George McClain is a funeral director and a Titanic expert. He's been looking for the lost clue for years. Talk to him to get information. Then, you go to the back of his house to see her grave. There's a combination lock on the base of the grave. Set from 'NELLACHAIN' TO 'ANNECAHILL'. You will find a letter from Grace to Nella.


Got to her grave built by her parents. Grace have carved a map indicating where her plane crashed with the clue.

Loch Ness[]

There's a suspicious activity in here. A lighthouse is used to send Morse Code. You will get this message:


Go to his Nessie Shack and break in at night. A secret door leads you to a room where the Lochness Submarine is located. Use it to get the clue.

GAME: Use arrow keys to locate the plane with the metal detector, then avoid the fishes as you reach your way down to the plane and get the Clue (combining game in The Clue Hunt Mission 9 and CCV Extreme Mission 2 Magellan's Heist)


You now have the clue Phosphorus!

Old Version Walkthrough[]


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