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In order to get this Clue, you must complete Mission 9: The Cliffhanger Clue. Mint is a Lucian Clue.


The Lucians made a decision to transfer the Clue Mint somewhere out of France so it can be safe during World War II. But, Josephine Baker, a Janus agent, intercepted it and took the Clue to Morocco, where it was secretly concealed for 60 years.


The screen shows the coast of Morocco on the 22nd pararel. A secret door opened and you get in. You find a room with an airplane road and a fighting plane. On the plane, mint plants grow from it. Behind the plane, the word 'MINT' comes in, and the screen goes black.


39 Clues-38 Mint

Card Combo

Both this combo and Mission 9: The Cliffhanger Clue can unlock Mint.

Card215.jpg Card217.jpg Card228.jpg Card234.jpg Card241.jpg

About Mint

Mint is a herb. It has a very strong smell and is used in many different types of food and is also used with candies, gums and fresheners.

Mint Leaves

The Mint Symbol

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