Alistair with burrito

The microwavable burrito was invented by Alistair Oh and is claimed to be one of his greatest accomplishments. According to Book Three, The Sword Thief, this food product made millions of dollars. It is despised by some, such as Bae Oh, Alistair's uncle, who calls it "a stale, tasteless piece of microwavable cardboard masquerading as food." The burrito comes in many flavors: cheese, beans, beef, chicken, veggie, meat, combo, sushi, and tempura. In the Black Book of Buried Secrets, there is an ad showing Alistair Oh's burritos. The reason why Alistair lost all his money with the microwavable burrito was because 12 people got sick eating his Sushi-flavored burrito, and presumably had been sued.

Burrito Chart

Veggie Meat
Beans Beef


Combo Tempura
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