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This page is for the Medusa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. For the Medusa painted by Caravaggio, see Medusa (Caravaggio).

Medusa is a painting created by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting depicted the mythological creature Medusa, famous for having snakes instead of hair, and was painted on a wooden shield. Another painter, Caravaggio, was inspired by the painting and created a Medusa of his own. The snakes on Caravaggio's Medusa corresponded to a map of the tunnels underneath the Colosseum in Rome, Italy that led to the hiding place of Leonardo's Medusa, which was hidden with the original manuscript of Marco Polo's Il Milione. The Medusa was discovered by Amy and Dan Cahill and Atticus Rosenbloom, who left it underneath the Colosseum.

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