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Mary Shelley was a Janus writer best known for her novel Frankenstein.


Mary was born in 1797 to Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin. Mary's mom died about a month after Mary was born of Septicemia as a result of complications from Mary's birth. Mary met Percy Bysshe Shelley, and they met in secret at the grave of Mary Sr. They married, and Mary had a girl who was two months early and died, and later had William Shelly, her second child who lived. The family went to Lake Geneva with Lord Byron, and they told German ghost stories, prompting Byron to asked everyone to write their own supernatural tale. In a dream, Frankenstein was created, and written by Mary. William died from malaria later on. The first edition of the book in 1818 was given to Byron, with a Clue hidden in it that the Janus instructed Mary to put in: Iodine. When the mass second edition was to start, Mary got a hooded messenger to send a word change to 'dreams of forgotten alchymists' for the second edition and to keep Byron away from the presses. At age 53 in 1851 Mary died of a brain tumor.


Mary was a good writer and fine person, well loved my many. She also very devious, hiding the Clue Iodine in a book given to Lord Byron.


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