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Mark Rosenbloom is the husband of Astrid Rosenbloom (now deceased). He is also the father of Jake and Atticus Rosenbloom. He is an archaelogist and a professor. He has degrees in Archeology, History, Geology and Science. Mark was also suspected of being Vesper Four, though this was disproved in Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 3: The Dead of Night.

He appeared in Breakaway in Carthage. He was very angry to see Amy and Dan as he believed everything that the Founders Media paparazzi reported about Amy. He asked Jake and Atticus to stay away from the Cahills but when he stumbled across a part from Olivia Cahill's journal, he was surprised and ran away in haste. The Cahills then falsely believed that the Piercers had kidnapped him, but he was actually in Spain. (An account by Plato mentioned that Atlantis could be a marsh in Spain)


  • Mark is allergic to cantaloupe.
  • He also loves kung fu films.
  • Mark is from the United States
  • He studied at university College, London from 1985 to 1987.
  • He was awarded Fulbright Scholarship to work in Turkey from 1989 to 1990.
  • His visa application to the UK temporarily denied due to "undisclosed concerns" from Scotland Yard.
  • He had speeding voilational purposes in Romania in June 2006.
  • He was a suspect for Vesper Four.
  • He has a strong distaste Amy & Dan Cahill.