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In order to get this clue, you must complete Mission 7.



The Magnesium Symbol

The Clue was hidden by Sir John Franklin. He suggested to the Tomas that the Clue should be hidden in North Pole. The Tomas did this because they wanted the Clue to be impossible to find and not fall to the hands of the other branches. Unfortunately, Sir John and his crew tragically lost their lives after they hid the Clue, by catching pneumonia.

Card Combo[]

Card147 Card155 Card186 Card190 Card192 Card195


The scene is in the style of an old film. It first shows Sir John Franklin in a picture of his expedition to the North. Next, it shows Lady Franklin, and then her lament is shown. Then, it shows a map with a line that leads to the North Pole. Finally, at the North Pole, there is a pile of rocks. The top of it explodes and the film burns away, revealing the word "MAGNESIUM".