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The Madrigal Gauntlet was a portion of the Madrigal Stronghold off the coast of Ireland. An elevator on the island was the entrance. It was only available with a fingerprint scan from an active member of each branches. As the gauntlet progressed through a series of questions only answerable by people who have found Clues, they must again and again put a thumbprint from each branch on panels to progress. After answering all the questions, the next room contains the Cahill family dinner table, and an explanation of Madeleine Cahill's goal reuniting the Cahill family. The next rooms show the results of previous times the Madrigals have gotten close to reuniting the family. They all appear disastrous. At the end is another room that looks like the previous attempts, but not as... horrible (to put it lightly). The final room is where the final confrontation against Isabel Kabra took place. The gauntlet as a whole was in very bad shape due to Isabel's actions. It is unknown if the Madrigals repaired the gauntlet after Book 10: Into the Gauntlet. Oddly enough, Isabel Kabra found a way to enter the gauntlet backwards, despite the Madrigal's design. It is also that Cahills that survive the gauntlet get twice the amount of money they gave up for the clue, making it $2,000,000

Questions in the Gauntlet[]

There are only 6 known questions to answer to get through the Gauntlet:

1 - What is the name of Wolfgang Mozart's sister?

Answer: Nannerl

2 - Of the small number of Egyptian female pharaohs in ancient Egypt, which ruled the longest?

Answer: Hatshepsut

3 - Why does a Mobius strip seem impossible?

Answer: It only has one side.

4 - Who was Shaka Zulu?

Answer: He was a Tomas Zulu king and conqueror. 

5 - Outsiders believe that the lost play of Shakespeare's is a sequel to one of his comedies. But Madrigals know that the play actually described Madrigals' hopes for the Cahill Family to reunite. What is the name of the play?

Answer: Love's Labours Won

6 - As a printer, Benjamin Franklin could order large amounts of this substance without raising suspicions. But Clue hunters who followed him know that he was actually trying to replicate the work of his ancestor Gideon Cahill. What is this ingredient?

Answer: Iron Solute

Known People Who Have Completed The Gauntlet[]

  • Dan Cahill, Madrigal
    Cahill Island, Ireland

    Cahill Island, where the Gauntlet resides