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Mace is a Madrigal Clue and the 21st clue.


This Clue is one of the most symbolic. The box represents the Cahill family as a whole, the Jade Necklace, which Grace found in China, where Anne Bonny got the box, represents the Ekats on the box, the Bear Claw, from a cave in the Bahamas, represents the Tomas, the Wolf Fang, from Isabel's charm necklace represents the Janus and the Silver Snake Earings, from Miss Alice represents the Lucians. The Gold Mobius Strip, from the statue of Nanny of the Maroons, is for the Madrigals, and the location of the strip represents binding the Cahill Family together.

Card Combo[]

Card208 Card209 Card210 Card211 Card212 Card213

About Mace[]

Mace is a spice. It is commonly used for defensive purposes since it causes a painful burning when in contact with skin.

Mace Nutmegs

Mace in Nutmegs


The Mace Symbol

Nutmeg and Mace

Nutmeg and Mace


Mace in its powder form.


21 Mace

Nutmegs and grater

Nutmegs, the outside part of mace.


First shown a map with a beeping light of Bahamas location. Then, the box was dragged to the middle, and four icons were bring in, and placed on the box. The box opened, light glittering, and zoomed in and the word 'MACE' appear.