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Luna Amato was an Interpol agent and a Vesper.  It is revealed in A King's Ransom: Mission 2 that she is Vesper Five, a.k.a. The Vesper Spymaster.


The Dead of Night[]

Luna frees Amy and Dan from jail on Vesper One's orders. She appeared to be on the phone when Amy and Dan recieved a text (most likely from Evan) saying that she was Vesper Five, the Spymaster. Very dangerous indeed.


Luna is being followed by Erasmus, Jonah, Hamilton and Milos Vanek in Mumbai. She later kills Erasmus, though Jonah kills her with a pistol.


In A King's Ransom, Luna Amato's partner is said to be Milos Vanek.

In Shatterproof, Sandy Bancroft is her partner on planning to kill Jonah, Hamilton, and Erasmus in Pompeii.


  • She was born outside of Naples, Italy.
  • Her favorite TV show is Delitti Passionali. This is Italian for "Crimes of Passion."
  • She was temporarily suspended from Interpol after a suspect in her custody "mysteriously" drowned.
  • In A King's Ransom, Luna always found coffee too hot for her, putting in ice cubes each time she drinks it.