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Los Angeles, colloquially referred to as Hollywood, is a city in California that is famous for its many movie studios. It is also famous for its big Hollywood sign, but only Janus know about the Janus stronghold hidden underneath. To enter, agents stand in front of a hidden retina scanner in one of the "O's".


They must answer a question about Janus history to confirm they're Janus. If correct, a panel slides open and reveals a secret elevator. The Clue, Iodine, is also hidden within the stronghold. The original copy of Frankenstein is the only hint. The Janus hide many things in their work.

Los Angeles was also chosen twice by Tomas leadership to host the Summer Olympics (in 1932 and 1984). This may have been due to hints of the Janus stronghold in Hollywood or the Clue hidden there. It is currently unknown if the Tomas are still active in the city.

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