Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston appears in the books: The Maze of Bones, Vespers Rising, The Medusa Plot, and Nowhere to Run. It is the capital of the US state Massachusetts. It is where Beatrice Cahill lives, and where Amy and Dan used to live. It is also the Headquarters of the infamous Founders Media.

Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA

Attleboro appears in the books: The Maze of Bones, Vespers Rising, The Medusa Plot, A King's Ransom, The Dead Of Night, Shatterproof, Trust No One, Day of Doom and Nowhere to Run. It is the site of Grace Cahill's mansion, where Amy and Dan currently live.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philidelphia appears in The Maze of Bones. It is where Ted Starling got blind, Ned Starling got endless headaches, and where Sinead got large scars criss-crossing her arms, in an explosion caused by the Holts. It is where Amy and Dan found their partial clue, which is leading up to the first official clue they find (Iron Solute).

Paris, France

Paris appears in The Maze of Bones and The Medusa Plot. It is the site of a Lucian stronghold, the Eiffel Tower, and the first Clue, Iron Solute. It is also where Nellie Gomez got kidnapped in The Medusa Plot, by Vespers.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna appears in One False Note.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg appears in One False Note.

Venice, Italy

Venice appears in One False Note. It is where a Janus stronghold is located, and also where Amy and Dan found their second Clue (Tungsten).

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo appears in The Sword Thief, and The Medusa Plot. It is where Amy and Dan found a hint leading to a Clue. It is also where Jonah had a concert where Phoenix Wizard got kidnapped.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul appears in The Sword Thief. It is the capital city of South Korea, and where Amy and Dan find their third clue (Gold). It also where Alistair Oh used to live.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo appears in the book Beyond the Grave. It has an Ekaterina Stronghold which Bae Oh used to command . But was captured after the gauntlet.

Volgrograd, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Yekaterinburg is where the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family were murdered by Madrigals, but only Nicholas II's youngest daughter, Anastasia Nikolaievna Romanov, survived. Yekatinburg appears in The Black Circle.

List (Series One and Two)


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Paris, France

Vienna, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Venice, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Cairo, Egypt

Volgograd, Russia

Moscow, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Johanesburg, South Africa

Beijing, China

The Bahamas

Kingston, Jamaica

London, England

Cahill Island, Ireland

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casablanca, Morocco

Zurich, Switzerland

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Lucerne, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Prague, Czech Republic


Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Berlin, Germany

Timbuktu, Mali

Syracuse, Italy

New Haven, Conneticutt, United States

Yale, Conneticutt, United States

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

New York, New York, United States

Washington DC, United States

Rockies, Colorado, United States



Troy is an ancient civilization mentioned in Homer's Iliad. It's greatest secrets were kept in Leonardo da Vinci's Lost Cities Codex. Upon receiving Da Vinci's Lost Cities Codex, Olivia Cahill used it to find out one of the seven ingredients of the Serum Antidote, six whiskers of an Anatolian leopard. Amy and Dan Cahill travel to Turkey, the location of Ancient Troy, after deciphering Olivia's Lost Cities Codex. They travel to Mt. Ida, location of a leopard sighting, and manage to escape Founders Media while finding the whiskers needed for The Serum Antidote


The Pueblo were a native people in Southwest US who represented corn as the Pueblo Spiral. The ingredient corn is found Unstoppable Mission 1: Written in Stone.


Carthage was an ancient civilization in modern-day Tunisia. One of its caliphs, Uthman, found Plato's third dialogue, Hermocrates, with the location of Tartessos (Atlantis), where the ingredient silphium is found.


Queen Victoria sought the ingredients of the Serum Antidote for her son, but only managed to find, copper butterfly wings from Boudica and hid it.

Future Locations

Tikal: Riven crystal, one dram ground to a powder

Angkor: Venom of a Tonlé Sap Water Snake, half jigger

Abyssina: Boiled roots of three dingetenga plants


Singapore, Singapore

Nellie Gomez, Sammy Mourad, the Starlings and Chens are among the Cahills who live or visited singaapore.


Havana, Cuba

Havana is where the outbreak started in Outbreak. The word is even on the front cover!

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