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Lester Dixon's only appearance in Storm Warning. He first appeared when Amy checked out a book in Kingston, Jamaica. Then, he told Nellie to come with him to see his grandmother, Miss Alice. He helps Dan and Amy find the Clue because he is an archaeologist. However, his generosity and helpfulness was not extended throughout the whole book. Caught amidst a chaotic aquatic situation involving the Kabras, Lester selflessly placed his life secondary to them, and got trapped in quicksand out in the ocean, resulting in him drowning and dying, much to Amy and Dan's devastation. Dan promised to himself that he would never let anyone share the same fate as Lester. His death led Amy and Dan to believe that they were turning into real Madrigals and almost had them give up on the race.


Lester grew up in Jamaica. He lived with his grandmother, and his tuition for college was paid by Grace Cahill. He died trying to help Amy and Dan in the Clue hunt.

In Storm Warning, Lester is shown to have a relation with Grace, though he is not a Cahill


  • Miss Alice (grandmother)
  • Nellie Gomez (distant relative)


Storm Warning[]

Lester first appears in the Kingston Library. Then, he takes Amy, Dan and Nellie to Miss Alice's house. Later he convinces the excavators to lend the Clue box to him and the Cahills. He is chased by Isabel's henchmen, who fall in quicksand. While trying to get themselves out, they pull Lester in. Lester tries to explain to them how to get out, but they are sort of slow and don't believe him. They eventually escape and run away, but Lester doesn't. It's during a hurricane, so waves are washing over Lester as he tries to escape the quicksand. Dan blows breaths into his mouth to give him air as he escapes. But then a huge wave washes over Dan and knocks him far away from Lester. By the time paramedics reach the quicksand, Lester had sank into it and drowned.

Into the Gauntlet (flashbacks)[]

There is a flashback in the hotel and the gauntlet when Dan is thinking that telling the Clues to Isabel Kabra is not honoring Lester's sacrifice.


  • Knows how to get out of quicksand.
  • He is also a historian.


Lester has one card indirectly featuring him.


In Card 213: Stolen Letter, Lester is the one who wrote the letter.

Card 213- The Stolen Letter

Card 213: Stolen Letter