The Kabra Family are some of the most ruthless Lucians. They include Isabel Kabra, Vikram Kabra, Ian Kabra, and Natalie Kabra. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are also filthy rich. Ian and Natalie were rich until Isabel Kabra disowned them.Then they became rich again after receiving 4 million dollars. They could be of Indian descent. Pranav is an Indian name. (Pranav Kabra is one of Ian and Natalie's ancestors)


Vikram and Isabel Kabra were the leaders of the Lucian Branch. Ian and Natalie Kabra formed one of the teams in the hunt for the 39 Clues, and were, perhaps, Amy and Dan's most formidable and crafty opponents. Ian and Natalie were supposed to eliminate Amy and Dan, but Natalie started to become soft, and Ian began to grow feelings for Amy. The Kabra children ended up eventually changing and becoming better people after the clue hunt. After Into the Gauntlet, Isabel Kabra was arrested for the murder of Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent, and attempted murder in the Madrigal Stronghold, while Vikram fled to Brazil. Later during Series Two, it was found out that Isabel was a Vesper: The Cahill family's most powerful enemy.

Family Members


Ian and Natalie Kabra had many alliances with other teams during the Clue Hunt. They always ended up double-crossing their alliances. They would strand them in the middle of nowhere. Their first alliance was Irina Spasky. Following alliances included Amy and Dan, and Alistair Oh. They also aligned during the rest of the series with all of the Cahill branches, united.



Vikram and Isabel Kabra were the Lucian Branch leaders, but since then, Isabel was arrested and Vikram fled. It is shown in the The Black Book of Buried Secrets that Vikram had fled to Brazil because of Isabel's arrest.

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