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Jude Watson is one of the recurring authors of The 39 Clues series.


Judy Blundell, more commonly known by her pseudonym Jude Watson, is a National Book Award-winning author. Watson has published more than 100 books under pseudonyms, many of them as Jude Watson. Watson lives in Katonah New York with her daughter and husband. Her husband, Neil Watson, is the Director of the Katonah Art Museum.

The 39 Clues Books[]

Main Published Works Outside of The 39 Clues[]

  • Many Star Wars books
  • Brides of Wildcat County

Agent Card[]

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Jude Watson's Agent Card code is: P27944R4XP. Her alias is *Sky7. On her agent card it shows Ekaterina but she told the viewers of the Book 10 Release Webcast that she was a Madrigal. This shows she was born an Ekat but is loyal to the Madrigal.

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