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The Jefferson Puzzle

The complete Jefferson Puzzle

The Jefferson Puzzle, also known as the Cahill Fire Painting, is a picture of the Cahill Fire and is obtainable via collecting cards. The picture depicts four of the children of Gideon Cahill (from left to right, Katherine, Thomas, Jane, and Luke) and their mother, Olivia (far right), with Gideon himself inside the burning house.

Each book in The Clue Hunt series includes a card with a piece of the puzzle on its back. The name of the puzzle comes from Card 6: Thomas Jefferson, the first card in the puzzle.

Number Name Front Back Book
6 Card 6: Thomas Jefferson Card6 Card6b The Maze of Bones
19 Card 19: Monument Valley Card19 Card19b One False Note
33 Card 33: Samurai Saladin Card33 Card33b The Sword Thief
78 Card 78: Sakhet Card78 Card78b Beyond the Grave
91 Card 91: Kremlin Surveillance Card91 Card91b The Black Circle
111 Card 111: Anak Krakatau Card111 Card111b In Too Deep
149 Card 149: Prison Number 4 Card149 Card149b The Viper's Nest
165 Card 165: The Nudelmans Card165 Card165b The Emperor's Code
211 Card 211: Bermuda Stronghold Card211 Card211b Storm Warning
220 Card 220: The Last Chance Card220 Card220b Into the Gauntlet