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Janus Branch
Janus Logo
Founder: Jane Cahill
Leader: Cora Wizard
Strongholds: Venice, Italy
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Mascot: Wolf
Skill: Arts, Creativity, Talent

The Janus Branch is one of the five branches of the Cahill family. It was founded by Jane Cahill. Jonah Wizard is the only significant Janus to appear in all of the books, but his mother, Cora Wizard, the leader of the Janus, appears several times, along with his father, Broderick Wizard.


Jane Cahill was the first member and founder of the artistic Janus Branch. She was born to Gideon and Olivia Cahill in Ireland with her four siblings. She was the youngest until the secret birth of Madeleine Cahill to Olivia Cahill after the siblings separated. She was closest to Luke Cahill, who was her eldest brother and sibling because he cared for her and loved listening to her music and poetry. She was only 10 years old when she saw Luke trying to convince his father to give him remaining clues in Gideon Cahill's lab just before the fire. Afterwards, she ran away to England with a broken heart, disguising herself as a man named John and became a famous artist. She ran with a broken heart, because she thought that Luke set Gideon's house on fire, because the other siblings Thomas and Katherine believed Luke did it. Art became the only thing that alleviated her pain. She passed this down her lineage through the serum, creating a line of people who cared significantly about art. This was demonstrated in One False Note where all the Janus were worrying more about rescuing the art in the stronghold than Dan and Amy escaping it.



The Janus crest is a green shield with a white wolf standing as if it was guarding something important with outstretched claws and a head, turned the opposite way, with its tongue flailing out. Below the crest , as with all Cahill family crests, is a greyish-silver scroll that reads "JANUS". The Janus' simpler crest (pictured right), is the same shield shape, just without the scroll, and only the head of the wolf is visible.

Icn janus


The Janus mascot is a wolf, with its head turned to the right with a bearing tongue, and its front paws clawing the air. It symbolizes the Janus' elegance and wisdom, but also the willingness to kill when necessary.

Logo quiz janus


Members of the Janus branch are very artistic and creative, but can also be extremely impulsive. They are writers, artists, designers, musicians, directors, songwriters, painters, or poets. As revealed in The Emperor's Code, the Janus can also excel in the martial arts, being beautiful and amazing to watch (unlike someone just shooting a gun). They also represent talent, and are talented in various fields, such as those above. Janus can use their talent for the good of the world, but they can also use it for the Hunt for the 39 Clues.

39c crest janus

Members of the Janus Branch[]


Branch Leaders[]

Historical Janus[]

Janus in The 39 Clues[]


Tricks and Tools[]

  • Impersonations
  • Music Codes
  • Camouflage
  • Hiding Messages In Art and Buildings Dedicated To Art (Museums)
  • Library Codes
  • Disguises
  • Surveillance Vans
  • Clue-Inspired Films
  • Creativity