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Jane Cahill is one of Gideon and Olivia Cahill's five children and the founder of the Janus branch.


Jane was born in 1497, and the youngest Cahill sibling at the time of the fire. She had a very close relationship with her older brother, Luke. He honestly cared about her music and writing, and she loved him for that.

Before the fire, her father Gideon gave her a portion of his master serum that enhanced her artistic skills. She later saw Luke trying to convince Gideon to give him the remaining clues to complete the entire serum. When their home was destroyed in a fire and Gideon was killed, Jane, like her other siblings, believed Luke to be responsible. Heartbroken, she ran off to England to become an artist; art became the only way she could relieve her pain. She disguised herself as a man and used the alias John in order to gain recognition, soon becoming one of the most famous artists in the country.

She later founded the Janus branch of the Cahill family. Her symbol is a wolf and her prized possession was a golden harp, which she always carried with her.


"Arts above all"


Appearance and Personality[]

Jane had dark eyes and long red hair, which is pulled into a braid in her card. Amy and Dan comment how Jonah Wizard's eyes look exactly like Jane's.

She loved music and the arts, especially writing, drawing, and painting; her sister Katherine described her as fanciful. She had a great mistrust of family, due to Luke's perceived betrayal. Her motto is "Arts above all".


Jane on the Jefferson Puzzle


  • Jane was accomplished in the arts, which included drawing, painting, writing and music.
  • Jane may also have had knowledge of fighting techniques, since most martial arts are mastered by Janus members.
  • When Jane fled to the mainland, she disguised herself as a man because women were not taken seriously as artists. She used the alias John.
  • Jane had a good influence on Winthrop Cahill, her brother Luke's son. He loved her music and had, as Olivia would say, "A lot of Jane."