James Cahill is the father of Grace, Beatrice, and Fiske Cahill. In the book, Vespers Rising, James shows a particular dislike to his only son, Fiske, because his wife, Edith, died giving birth to him.


During Vespers Rising it shows James Cahill left Grace, Beatrice, and his newborn Fiske after his wife died while giving birth to Fiske. After he left, he received a Morse Code from a boat, asking him to take a mission as a Madrigal . With him gone, Grace decoded the message and took the mission herself to Casablanca.


During the Black Book of Buried Secrets we learn that James has some kind of ressenment toward his younger son, Fiske. During Vespers Rising we learn the real reason of this resentment. While giving birth to Fiske his wife died. He left Grace, Beatrice, and new born Fiske to in care of a French babysitter while he goes on exile.


James has no actual appearances, but is mentioned in 'Vespers Rising.'


He is not shown online.

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