Ingrid (also known as Cousin Ingrid) is a member of the Cahill family. She was impersonated at Grace Cahill's funeral by a Vesper.


The Maze of Bones

Cousin Ingrid attended Grace Cahill's funeral and heard the reading of her will. She took the million dollars and did not join the Clue Hunt.

Rapid Fire: Ignition

The real Cousin Ingrid was going to go to the bathroom during Grace Cahill's funeral, but she was ambushed by a Vesper, who stole her her medallion and told her, "The Vespers are watching." William McIntyre and Astrid Rosenbloom found her bound in the closet after Grace Cahill's Will reading. Later, Hamilton Holt saves the Vesper impersonator from the fire in Cahill Manor.

Physical Appearance

Ingrid wears a huge gold medallion and heavy black boots, which was stolen from her by a Vesper.

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