"" is a very competitive fake fact network similar to Wikipedia located in the Cahill Web on the 39 Clues website. It talks about things that have to do with everything 39 Clues, like CERN or Area 51, but not directly. When the script on the page describes an event that could have been a Cahill conspiracy, there is almost always a sentence or two in a different color, most commonly red and green (but sometimes blue), that posts information about the Cahill Family and the hunt for the 39 Clues. Most of the time those posts aren't directly linked to the 39 Clues, but people with the knowledge of the Cahill family know that the typers meant actions of the Cahill family. There is almost always a response from an person without the knowledge of the Cahill family that says, "What? You're crazy!" or, "That's ridiculous. Man, there ARE a lot of internet nutcases out there." or something along those lines. If you type in the URL of that page, you get directed back to the Cahill Web on the 39 Clues website. pages are available to all agents from all of the branches online, as it is a Cahill archive.

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