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Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Excelsior is a five-star hotel in Cairo, Egypt. The main Ekaterina stronghold is located in the hotel, accessible through the Aswan Suite, a luxury suite on the hotel's thirteenth floor. The stronghold hides at least one Clue, Silver, hidden in a book written by Ekaterina agent T. E. Lawrence.

The hotel was owned by former branch leader Bae Oh before his arrest, and may now be owned by Bartu Yilmaz, who owns an unnamed hotel in Cairo and is likely an Ekaterina. Hotel Excelsior is featured on Card 101: Cairo Hotel and appears in Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage.


Card 101 Top Secret

A floor plan for the Ekaterina stronghold

The stronghold contains a hall of honor for famous Ekats (including a display about the Sakhet statues hidden by Katherine Cahill) and a display room for Nobel Prizes, an archive room, three laboratories (a fireproof room, a zero-gravity room, and a junior proton collider), a security center, holding cells designed for members of three rival Cahill branches (an acid-proof cell for Lucians, a soundproof and graffiti-proof cell for Janus, and a triple-reinforced cell for Tomas), and an office for the branch leader. There is a landing pad on the hotel's roof, bearing the Ekaterina crest.


Sinead Starling once spent a summer at the stronghold training hackers, and chemist Victor Wood, Bae Oh's protégé, was transferred to the hotel to train under Bae. At some point before her death, Grace Cahill also visited the stronghold and stole a portable x-ray device.

During the Clue Hunt, Team Seven stays in the Aswan Suite after accidentally identifying themselves as members of the Oh family. Amy and Dan Cahill discovered the secret entrance to the stronghold and were imprisoned by Bae Oh, only to be later rescued by Nellie Gomez. Incidentally, Amy and Dan's uncle, Fiske Cahill, was visiting the stronghold at the same time. Team One member Ian Kabra later visited the hotel while searching for the Clue hidden there.

Soon after the conclusion of the Clue Hunt, Alistair Oh, Bae's nephew, confronted Bae in the hotel's lobby, leading Bae into a trap laid by the United Nations to arrest him for the murder of his brother, Gordon. Alistair then entered the stronghold to convince Ekaterina leadership to join the Madrigal cause.