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Henry Cahill is the father of James Cahill. Henry was born a Lucian but later defected to the Madrigal branch. When he was 27 he marrried Flora St. James. She was killed by the Lucian leaders because they were upset that Henry became a Madrigal. He later married Ekaterina Hae-In Oh and had twins, Gordon and Bae Oh. Even after he married Hae-In he still supported the Madrigals.


Flora Cahill St. James - Wife

Hae-In Oh -Wife

James Cahill - Son

Edith Cahill - Daughter in-law

Gordon Oh - Son Bae Oh- Son

Lin Kim Oh - Daughter in-law

Grace Cahill - Granddaughter

Beatrice Cahill - Granddaughter

Fiske Cahill - Grandson

Alistair Oh - Grandson

Nathaniel Hartford - Grandson in- law

Hope Cahill - Great Granddaughter

Arthur Trent - Great Grandson in- law

Amy Cahill - Great, Great granddaughter

Dan Cahill - Great, Great grandson

Rebecca Schneider - Sister in- law

Elijah Green - Brother in- law

Stephano Breglio - Divorced Grandson in- law

Jean-Luc Benoit - Divorced Grandson in- law

Sergei Baskov - Divorced Grandson in- law