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Harry Houdini (March 24, 1874 to October 31, 1926), a.k.a. Eric Weiss, was one of the most skillful operatives of the Janus branch. He was also a magician. He appears as the protagonist of The Cahill Files: The Houdini Escape.


Like so many other Janus, Houdini was a natural showman, but rumor has it that his escape skills were developed hunting The 39 Clues and that his traveling shows and exhibitions were nothing but a useful cover for illegal activities. Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926, presumably of appendicitis, and was buried in Queens, New York. However, a Houdini relative, George Hardeen, believed Houdini was poisoned. Hardeen has requested that Houdini's body be dug up to test his therory. Cahills around the world are wondering...Could it have been the Lucians? The Lucians sent two men to pose as fans and challenge Houdini to prove one of his claims--that he could withstand any blow to the abdomen. Most reports say that one of the men punched Houdini before he was ready, causing serious organ damage. Houdini fell ill and died a few days later. However, his fellow Janus believed that the Lucians poisoned Houdini, and when his great-nephew, in 2007, petitioned to exhume Houdini's body so it could be reexamined, Lucian lawmakers blocked the request. They prefer their handiwork to remain a secret otherwise they would get in a lot of trouble with the police.


Spymasters (Cahill Files)[]

Harry appears in the second story, where his father is in debt to a criminal gang led by a Vesper. He meets the leader when the leader walks into his circus act, and invites the Vesper up to the stage to distract him. He tricks the leader many times and pretends to drown, satisfying the leader that he is dead.

There are a few Easter eggs in this story, for example, in the beginning when he is doing his card trick, there is a 'queen' (Olivia Cahill) whose children were separated. Eventually the children reunite (which never happens but in the card trick it does) and the children were:

The king of diamonds - a great merchant, probably a Lucian from process of elimination

The king of hearts - a great poet, most likely a Janus

The king of spades - a great architect, probably an Ekat

The king of clubs - a great warrior, definitely a Tomas.


The back of Harry Houdini's Card


Houdini's card is Card 9: Harry Houdini.


The front of Harry Houdini's Card