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Guardians are a third group/family involved in the world of Cahills (second group with alliance next to the Cahills) who protect the pieces of the Doomsday device, which includes Gideon's Ring, The De Virga World Map, Il Milione, the Medusa, an astrolabe, an armillary sphere, gears, electromagnets, The Book of Ingenious Devices, The Apology for a Great Transgression, the Antikythera Mechanism and the Voynich Manuscript. They are often referred to as 'G.' Not much is known about them yet.

Known Facts[]

  • There are no known strongholds for the Guardians, though Pompeii is a possible one.
  • Their greatest enemies are the Vespers.


Known Guardians[]

Possible Guardians[]

  • Kublai Khan (deceased)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (deceased)
  • Abraham Lincoln (deceased)
  • Christopher Columbus (deceased)
    Abraham Lincoln - head & shoulders portrait
220px-Ferdinand Magellan