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Grace Cahill's Will, shown below, was the last living will and testament of Grace Cahill. It was read in the first book, The Maze of Bones, at her mansion by her lawyer, William McIntyre. It is referenced many books after, mostly on Cahill Web and the ending of the books.


I, Grace Cahill, a resident of Massachusetts, being of sound and mind, declare this to be a valid codicil to my Last Will and Testament.

Fellow Cahills, the fact that you are reading this document means I am dead. Some of you may think good riddance! I have made many enemies in my life and few friends.

My relatives, you know by now that you belong to the Cahill family, but few of you realize just how important our family is. I tell you the Cahills have had greater impact on human civilization than any other family in history.

You stand on the brink of our greatest challenge. Each of you has potential to succeed, but only one of you will. Your challenge is to find 39 Clues hidden around the world that lead to the lost secret of the Cahill family power.

Although I have lied many times in my life-for good reasons and for bad-I will not lie to you now. The hunt for the Clues will not be easy. But the reward is beyond measure-the most important treasure in the world.

You will not get much help in your search. Know that you will not get much help in your search. Know that hints are everywhere, and nothing is quite like it seems. And know that I have faith in you. After all, you hold the fate of the world in your hands.

Grace Cahill 39 Clues Will

Those Who Accepted the Will (In order of acceptance.)[]