Gordon Klose
Age:56 (at the beginning of the Clue Hunt)
Relationships:unnamed brother
First Appears In:Card 39: Gordon Klose
Last Appears In:One False Note (mentioned)

Gordon Klose is an American intelligence operative within Section 7, as well as a member of the Lucian Branch.

Appearance and Personality

Gordon is a balding, seemingly overweight middle-aged man. He is 5'9" and weighs 170 pounds, and has brown eyes. He is a notoriously ineffective agent, so much so that the Lucians banished him from branch activities, and only kept him alive due to the influence of his brother, a high-ranking Lucian. He takes frequent notes, but is sloppy and unorganized, and his car is a mess.



Gordon's main card is Card 39: Gordon Klose, and also is mentioned in Card 62: Klose's Notes. A Lucian letter in the back of One False Note has an addendum specifically warning against showing the letter to Gordon.

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