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To earn this Clue, you must add the Cards from The Sword Thief.


Amy, Dan, Alistair Oh, Ian Kabra, and Natalie Kabra found the Clue in Hideyoshi's hiding place for plunder.

About Gold[]

Gold is considered the highest element of alchemy, which may be why it's a Clue. It's what alkahest, the symbol of the elements united, creates. Gold is a malleable metal often used in jewelry with other metals. It is highly valuable.


Camera shows Toyotomi Hideyoshi, or the bald rat. A gold coin goes into the mouth, opening a passageway to the Bald Rat's cave. A pile of treasures inside. The boulders from the ceiling collapsed, revealing the word 'GOLD' with the Tomas crest.

Card Combo[]

Card33 Card34 Card35 Card36 Card37 Card38
Gold Crystals

Native Crystals


The gold symbol

Gold ingots

2 bars of gold


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