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She lives in Cedar Grove, Iowa, where she teaches high school Shakespeare. She saved money for years to go to England and watch a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre.

Appearance & Personality[]

She is old and wrinkled, and owns a knock-off of Queen Elizabeth's handbag and a pantsuit. She is tough, but understands teenagers. She is a fan of Jonah Wizard.


Into the Gauntlet[]

She went to the Globe Theatre to watch Romeo and Juliet, but it was ruined by Amy and Dan, the Holts, the Starlings, Jonah Wizard, and the Kabras. Later, she talked to Jonah about being true to himself, something that affected his actions in The Gauntlet. She was the last witness to recant about Jonah destroying the barrel at the theatre.


  • Teaching Shakespeare.


  • She loves the Meatloaf Surprise at the school where she teaches.
  • She likes Gangsta Life album by Jonah Wizard even though she was willing to turn him in to the authorities after he destroyed a barrel at the Globe in Into the Gauntlet.