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There are multiple games that are assosiated with The 39 Clues. One thing common about all the games, is that each one comes with a special collector's card.

Board Game[]

39 Clues board game

The Board game comes with two official stock titles: Unlock the Secret Chamber and 'Search for the Keys. It is for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, and includes the game

39 clues card game CC

board, clue cards, 4 moving pieces (metal airplanes), 12 tokens and 24 chips, 1 die, 198 cards and instructions as well as special collector's card # 420. Both versions are the same, the only difference is the stock title. This game is made by an alliance between Scholastic and University Games.

Card Game[]

This is not the regular card game.There are two stock titles for this as well. The first being: Cahill Commotion and the second: Discover the Secrets. Like the board game, the card game may have 2 different stock titles but the game itself is the same. The game includes 54 playing cards as well as collecters card # 421. The overall rules are that who ever gets 39 points wins. It is for 2 or more players. It is also made by University Games.

200 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle[]

39 clues puzzle

This, unlike the others, has only 1 stock title and that's: 200 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. It consists of 200 puzzle pieces and Card 419: Librarian in Training. The puzzle completed is just a picture featuring Amy and Dan as well as a shadow of Fiske Cahill (The Man in Black) and the 39 Clues ensignia. Like the 2 preceding it, it is made by University Games.

Madrigal Maze[]

39 clues app MM

Title screen for the game

Madrigal Maze is an iPod Touch or iPhone application. It features multiple levels where you must complete a maze to move on from level to level. The point of the game is to complete all the levels and get to become a member of the Madrigals. This was released a lot before Mission 10: End Game, meaning you were able to join the Madrigals far before anyone else. Once you've completed level 20, you can download Card 423: Madrigal Maze to your online account. This is the only way to get it as it has no physical component, or any code at all, and can not be replicated.