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Galt Rutherford Pierce is the son of J. Rutherford Pierce and Debi Ann Pierce, and is the brother of Cara Pierce. He is an Ekaterina through his mother, Debi Ann Pierce, neé Deborah Starling. He is an antagonist of Unstoppable.


Nowhere to Run[]

He is seen playing tennis with his coach on the island. Later in the book he parachutes into Ireland with Cara. He starts to take the Janus Serum instead of the Tomas Serum after Cara switches the "protein shakes."


He beats Cara in a physical fight, and spends time with Pierce in his study.


Cara beats him in a competition made by Pierce about American history. He is seen to be raging after Pierce chooses Cara to go to Washington D.C.


He and Cara interrogate Dan. Galt wants to beat Dan up, but is restrained by his sister. Galt is enraged after finding out Cara is her father's favorite. He, Pierce, and Galt's pilot try to stop Jonah Wizard's plane from landing in the Siem Reap airport. He is tracking the Cahills all across Cambodia. During the All-American Clambake, Galt is shown greeting guests. He is later defeated after possibly trying to kill Jonah by making Pierce look bad in front of the whole world. Galt's whereabouts after Flashpoint are unknown but since Cara left to join the Cahill family and Debi Ann took much of Pierce's funds, it's likely that Debi Ann took custody of Galt from Pierce sometime later.