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Founders Media
Founder: J. Rutherford Pierce
Leader: J. Rutherford Pierce
Strongholds: Unknown
Mascot: Unknown
Skill: Unknown

Founders Media (aka The Piercers) is a company which is described as "the number one media conglomerate in the United States!" It is an extremely dangerous company and are enemies of the Cahills in Unstoppable.


Little is known about Founders Media history but it was founded by J. Rutherford Pierce in October 2010. Later, he stole the serum from Sammy Mourad Disguised as Fiske Cahill. He has bought every media, newspaper, magazine, etc... company in the United States. He makes a very sudden appearance in Nowhere to Run, and has a lot of people to find and kill Amy and Dan Cahill. The company's status is unknown following Pierce's defeat in Flashpoint but it's likely shut down and dissolved.


Officially Known "Piercers"[]

Defected "Piercers"[]


Unstoppable Mission 1: Written in Stone[]

Two "Piercers" appear in Bandeleir Overlook. They chase you down to Main Loop Trail, and you narrowly escape.


One of Pierce's henchmen