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Flashpoint is the final book in Unstoppable. It was written by Gordon Korman and came out on August 26, 2014 with cards 485-490. The title was revealed on Gordon Korman's website.[1] You can read a sneak peek of the book from the website and read a longer excerpt here.



Tick-Tock. Sixteen-year-old Amy Cahill only has few days left to live. There’s a poison coursing through her, and her only chance is to collect ingredients for an antidote. Too bad the antidote ingredients are scattered around the world. And too bad that survival is by far Amy’s smallest problem.

The antidote she needs is also the only thing capable of stopping a deadly enemy. J. Rutherford Pierce is on the brink of becoming the most powerful man in the world, and if he does, no one will be safe. Amy and her younger brother, Dan, will do everything it takes to bring Pierce down. Even if Amy must pay the ultimate price.

Back Cover[]


At the end of the book, a post-it with the Ekatrina symbol is seen with a message written on it:

The time has come to wake the dragon.

The note is accompanied by the 39 Clues logo turning yellow, the color of the Ekatrina branch. This likely foreshadows the Doublecross series with X likely being the Outcast.

Message Board[]

The cover and title was revealed on the message board by Gordon Korman He said: 

"As it turns out, old agents never die; they just wander off to top-secret undisclosed locations to spend their share of Grace Cahill’s money. That is, until the next crisis requires us to jump back into the fray.  

This crisis, though – the struggle against J. Rutherford Pierce – turned out to be beyond my wildest nightmares. I thought nothing could be more dangerous than the treachery of the Clue Hunt, or more high-stakes than the epic confrontation with the Vespers. But Pierce is the enemy that brought me out of my undisclosed location to write the final book in the heart-pounding UNSTOPPABLE series.

Pierce, the twisted billionaire, has much more than just an entire global media empire at his fingertips. He has the power of Gideon Cahill’s serum. And he’s just one short step away from getting himself elected President of the United States.

Also, do you remember the six portable thermonuclear devices he had back in Book 1? Hmmm, it might not be such a good idea to forget about those…   

See, this is what happens when you turn your back on THE 39 CLUES for too long. Will the Cahills be able to stop the unstoppable Pierce? Can the world be saved? 

I can’t wait to share the spectacular conclusion with you in September. Trust me – it really does all come to a FLASHPOINT."


In every last book of a series, a front cover shows a destroyed 39 Clues Logo.


Vertigo Logo


  • according to, Flashpoint means, "a critical point or stage at which something or someone suddenly causes or creates some significant action."
  • On the Flashpoint cover, like on the Into The Gauntlet and the Day of Doom covers, the 39 clues shield is attacked again, this time by the wind which causes cracks to appear in the shield.
  • Five of the shards are shaped like the branch crests: the Tomas Bear, the Janus Wolf, the Lucian Snake, the Ekaterina Dragon and the Madrigal C. The last three are just under the U. All the shards seem to be spiraling into the black vortex.
  • It is the fourth book in the 39 clues to have a one word title, after Shatterproof, Breakaway, and Countdown.
  • At the end of the book there is a sneak peek of the next series Doublecross.
  • On page 39, a code reads: The Branches Are Back. This refers to Doublecross.


  • On page 39 there are bold letters. When you write those letters out, you will see that it is like a code. It says The Branches Are Back.